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Bad Credit? Need to Finance a Used Car

We don't just sell cars, we get you back on track.

Let us help you repair your credit while at the same time taking care of your transportation needs. Our customers see their credit improve and go from non-prime credit to prime credit while following our bank sponsored 12 month plan, saving them thousands of dollars in interest in the process. We have helped hundreds of customers who have taken counsel from us on how to build their credit and get to prime credit. Allow us the privilege to help you!

Here’s what makes us different:
You’ll get your credit on track by working with us. We’re credit counselors as well as automotive salespeople.

Whether you have no credit, new credit, are newly divorced, or have multiple bankruptcies we GUARANTEE your auto financing approval.

*As long as you have been working for at least 2 months and you are in need of a pre-owned car or truck loan, we can help